CyfHER Workshop

Cybersecurity Workshop for Undergraduate Women


Our objective is to encourage undergraduate women majoring in computer science to participate in cybersecurity research using artificial intelligence and visualization. We will encourage them to think about graduate school as part of their career plan while providing participants the opportunity to present their research at the end of the workshop. This workshop will build a bridge between undergraduate students and graduate students, research faculty, and women in the computer science industry.

CyfHER Mission

Our mission is to enhance the undergraduate experience and increase women’s motivation to pursue graduate study and research careers in computer science and cybersecurity. We look to

  • Foster a sense of community and support from peer groups and faculty mentors.
  • Instill confidence that comes from knowing women have the skills to contribute to problem-solving beyond the classroom.
  • Provide practical skills and know-how to help women succeed both in their undergraduate program and beyond.
  • Motivate, inspire and challenge women through exposure to real-world research in computer science.

Research Tracks

The CyfHER workshop will consist of two tracks both using the same real-world data sets.  Participants in the Visualization Research Track will explore real-world cybersecurity data sets using various visualization techniques to gain insight into cybersecurity events. Participants in the Artificial Intelligence Research Track will apply artificial intelligence algorithms to detect events in real-world cybersecurity data sets.

Workshop Schedule

March 16 – 19, 2020

Day 1: Registration, Keynote I & Research Track Intro

Day 2: Keynote II & Research Track Groups

Day 3: Graduate Panel & Research Track Groups

Day 4: Research Track Group Presentations

Workshop Application

Please follow this link to apply for the workshop. We will be reviewing applications over the winter break and preliminary notifications will be sent out by mid-January.

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