Summer Python Prep Course

Hope everyone is having a great summer! Want to make your summer even more awesome? How about learning to code … in your pajamas!!!

Are you interested in learning more about computer science? Are you enrolled as a CSE major for fall 2019, but you don’t have any programming experience? Interested in computer science as a major? How about taking advantage of our summer Python course here at NMT! You can even register via distance … so you don’t even have to get out of your pjs (:

Our python course is designed to introduce programming and its applications to scientists and engineers. The first part of the course focuses on problem-solving, algorithm development, top-down design, modular programming, debugging, testing, data types, flow-control, looping, iteration and recursion, fundamental data structures, and an introduction to object-oriented programming. The second part of the class explores data analysis and game design with python!

Classes start this Monday, June 10 … so register today to lock in your spot! For more information contact Amy Knowles at for more information.

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